Good Charlotte – Generation Rx

Nuovo Album per la Band di Los Angeles

E’ uscito il nuovo album dei I Good Charlotte, “Generation Rx”, su etichetta BMG. Ad anticiparlo, il brano “Actual Pain”, disponibile in streaming e download.

Prodotto da Zakk Cervini e Benji Madden (guitar, vocals) e registrato ai MDDN Studios, “Generation Rx” è l’ultimo dei sette album per la band di Los Angeles, una nuova linfa vitale che spazia tra punk californiano, classic rock e qualche “tamarrata” (mi piace definirle così). Il nuovo disco è un messaggio alle nuove generazioni: “At the beginning of the year, we were reflecting a lot. We just played a memorial service in honor of Lil Peep. We were thinking of that. Our generation was the first to have so many ways to deal with pain. Throughout this century, we’ve seen the whole opioid crisis get worse. We wondered if we were really doing our part. We wanted to bet back out there on the battlefield and spread insight, share experience, and give anything we could to improve lives. The message is you can get through the pain, survive it, and have the life you want. We made the record on our own terms and our own time. In that respect, we channeled the soul of our first two albums. This is the album we’ve been waiting 15 years to create” dicono i fratelli Madden.

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